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Forex Trading Simplified


1) There are basic steps to master when first beginning Forex Trading. Many different issues come into play when implementing successful Forex Trading strategies.

2) Of course, conducting your very own Forex Trading program can be very lucrative and is the best home-based business there is.

3) Now, let’s explore some of the important parts of a solid Forex Trading Simplified plan.

Here you will learn what Forex is and what it will do for you. To begin, you need to understand the meaning of the term “Forex”. It means Foreign Exchange market. This is the international foreign currency exchange market where all types of currencies are bought and sold. The Forex market started in the late 1960’s when floating currencies and free exchange rates were first introduced worldwide. At that time, the Forex market traders were the only players in the market. They alone decided on the value of one type of currency against another. All solely based upon a particular currency’s supply and demand.

The Forex market is very different for several reasons. This is one of the very few markets that is free from any external controls and cannot be manipulated. It also requires little or no trading qualifications. There is no doubt it is the largest worldwide financial market. In 2007 worldwide trading reached 2 trillion US$. The money moves around so fast it is not possible for a single trader to make any major change that would affect the price of any international currency. Also, unlike Stocks, Forex traders are able to open and close their positions all within seconds. This is due to the fact that there is always a large number of willing and eager buyers and sellers.

Forex Trading Simplified


To be really successful in Forex Trading you must use your own trading strategy. Some traders rely only on technical analysis; others will prefer a more fundamental approach. It should be noted here that most successful traders use some form of available and automated trading software to maximize trading opportunities and minimize excessive time in front of a monitor.

It is necessary to have a trading strategy that gives you an ?edge? in your trading the market, discipline to use it, and solid money management. See if you can answer questions:

1. Do you have a special trading advantage/skill..?? What is it..?? If you don?t know, then you don?t have an advantage or special knowledge. Get more: http://www.forbes.com/2006/08/23/investools-forex-8reasons-in_wh_0823investools_inl.html

2. Consider your discipline??do you really follow your trading strategy without fail, even after two successive losing trades..?? Or, do you simply drop the strategy and move on to the next one..??

3. Consider your money management: are you allocating an appropriate fund amount and also controlling the amount of risk on each trade..??

Almost all traders fail because they cannot answer? Yes? To all three questions. The secret to obtaining the discipline needed to be a winner is to have a strategy that provides a winning edge, includes sound money management practices and is simple to use.

Any trading programs that you use should be completely automated, not require extensive technical knowledge, and NOT require sitting in front of a PC monitor all day as most software programs do. I have found a few, very few, software trading programs out there that meet this requirement and really do work.


You must understand that Forex market prices always move by trends. In fact, there are certain movements that have been studied over several years to identify these trend patterns. Such trends must be understood in order to have a good trading strategy. For any account of US$ 20,000 and under, trading with a specific trend understanding will maximize your odds of making a profit. A lot of new traders seek to trade in all different directions at the same time when they should be focusing on more simple trend patterns.


There is not one single right answer to this question. To start with, you should only use trade funds that you can afford to lose. Forex brokers allow you to trade standard and/or mini lots. The margin depends on the pair you are trading. For a standard lot it is around $1,000 and for a mini lot it is around $200. Technically, you could open an account with $400 and trade 2 mini lots. Obviously, you would be violating your basic risk management rules and most likely would end up losing your “grubstake”.

You must never risk more than 2% of your account size on any one trade. Therefore, if you take out 1 mini lot and risk 50 pips, that would be approx $50 of trade risk (assuming a US dollar counter currency pair). In other words, you must have an account size of at least $2,500 ($2,500 x 2% = $50) to take out that specific trade without violating your risk management rules.


Not all Forex pairs are suitable for trading. We need to find liquid markets that have enough price movement to make a trade worthwhile.

The following pairs are the most universally traded, are the most liquid pairs, and the only ones that I would even consider trading. They are not listed in any particular order:

GBP/USD – British Pound Sterling/US$ EUR/USD – Euro/US$ USD/JPY – US$/Japan Yen-USD/CAD – US$/Canadian Dollar USD/CHF – US$/Swiss Franc

In fact, to further ease your Forex trading, you should limit your trading to the two most liquid and widely traded pairs: GBP/USD EUR/USD Following this recommendation alone will really reduce demands on your trading time without giving away any profit potential.


To open a Forex account, you simply fill out a broker application and provide the necessary ID. The application likely will include a margin agreement stating that the broker will be allowed to intervene in any trade which appears to be risky.

This agreement is made to protect the broker’s margin interests since trading is done with the broker’s funds. However, it is strongly advised that you establish an account and fund it 100% and never use any margin provisions.


For new Forex traders, it is highly recommended to have two accounts; One as a demo account and another as your ?live account. Use the demo account to learn the trading game and to test the best alternative market moves. Also, use a demo account to follow your ?live? account trades so you can determine if you need to make any corrections or trade changes.



This is critical. always review the One Hour – Four Hour – and Daily charts that pertain to your specific trade setup to determine the actual status and any movements. Some traders also trade at 15 and 30 minute time intervals. However, this requires some experience and is not recommended for new Forex traders.


In most cases, Forex markets are just like any other liquid markets such as stocks, bonds, or commodities. However, there is one major difference with the Forex markets. That is the trends are stronger and longer lasting and occur much more frequently than do trends in other markets.

It is quite common for a Forex pair to begin a new trend that will last for many weeks and sometimes months. Do I refer to these events as the? Forex Major Event?. When you combine these Major Event trends along with the ability to leverage a small account, this is where you can find the favorable opportunities trading Forex. Major Event trends have been known to often give 300 to 800 pip ranges. Now, those are really and truly BIG money opportunities.

In conclusion, Forex Trading success requires an understanding of trading strategy, trends, account size to use, best Forex pairs to trade, etc. To ensure your trading success it is critical that you stay with a trading plan and treat it as a business. You need to always track your results and make necessary changes and improvements as you progress.

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Online Forex trading has been making a lot of profit for traders who are knowledgeable about the subject for years now. Forex is the largest currency market in the world. As a matter of fact, the Forex market is the largest market of any sort in the world! This global currency exchange market deals in billions of dollars of trades every day. This makes Forex trading easily one of the best investment opportunities available for the home based investor.

While currency trading is not a new idea, it has been only in recent years that this enormous market has really been open to small individual investors. This is an investment opportunity which is becoming more and more popular and it can all be done from the comfort of your own home!

A lot of people are now looking for a way to get their own share of this market. While you can begin online Forex trading very quickly, there are a lot of things you should know before you take the plunge. For instance, how Forex trading works in online Forex trading, what you are doing is trading one currency for another on the prediction that the value of the currency you are buying will rise in value compared to the currency you are selling. Helpful site: http://www.tradingacademy.com/education/forex-trading-courses.aspx

Online Forex Trading

All Forex trades are done in pairs like this; so knowing the ups and downs of world economies is key. You will need to become acquainted with the market trends on the global currency market, but technology and the right software can help you learn. Many of these packages even allow you to create a test account so you can get your feet wet in the Forex world before you begin investing with real money. The potential profits on the Forex market are great but so are the potential losses; that’s why it’s important to be well informed and ensure that you have done the proper analysis of the virtual trainload of data that should be analyzed before making a trade decision.

Fortunately, many tools exist to help you begin your online Forex trading career. There is a lot of software out there which can help you navigate market trends and make the kinds of well-informed decisions necessary to succeed in this enormous global currency marketplace. As a newcomer to the currency exchange industry, you’ll find these tools extremely helpful as you learn the ins and outs of Forex trading. In fact, the right tool can be your best friend as you learn the market and start making successful and profitable trades. Click here for a few tips to help with online Forex Trading…

Getting into online Forex trading without having the right tools is a lot like trying to canoe with no paddle; you’ll be on the water alright, but with no way to really get where you want to go. You should never get into any sort of investment without first becoming acquainted with how things work. Getting the right Forex trading software and proper instruction can make all the difference between making a killing on the foreign currency exchange market and losing your shirt. Learn everything you can about the market and use the right Forex trading tools before you jump into making trades; this will make you much better prepared to make the kind of well-informed decisions which translate into big profits.

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All About Futures Trading Online

Futures trading online involves entering into legally binding futures contracts over the internet. The key players involved are the buyer and the seller. The buyer essentially offers to buy a given commodity at a certain price in a given later date. The seller might then accept this offer. In financial parlance, the buyer is said to be long while the seller is said to be short.

Buyers and sellers primarily enter into such contracts to undercut their losses. Buyers, on the one hand, do so in order to cushion themselves from rising prices. Sellers, on the other hand, do so anticipating price reductions. Nonetheless, the main motive of both parties is to reduce their losses.

Trading in futures online offers a trader with a number of benefits. One is able to get a wide array of information on the click of a button. Such information aids one in making good decisions. This ensures that such traders are able to minimize losses. All this is due to the near perfect information afforded to internet users.

The internet is available even in some of the remotest parts of the world. With these in mind, futures traders are able to conveniently trade from remote locations. This significantly lowers the cost of doing business making such trading attractive.

All About Futures Trading Online

There are numerous forums over the internet. Through this, individuals are able to access expert opinions from bloggers at near zero cost. Market trends can also be easily learned. There are also limitless software applications that compute the expected gain. For much more: https://us.etrade.com/investing-trading/investment-choices/futures

Internet users should however always be cautious in choosing where they get their information. They should always strive to get their information from genuine sites. That notwithstanding, one should always exercise skepticism. Any information obtained should be counter checked for consistency. Individuals should as well ensure they comply with the laws of their respective jurisdictions as pertains to these types of transactions.

This form of trading is rigorous. One should be able to make and receive instant online payments. Individuals should also ensure that they have the ability to enter into legally binding online transactions. With a good bank, most of these problems are easily sorted out. It is nevertheless important to inquire whether your bank has the capabilities to transact across borders.

Over time futures trading online is expected to grow worldwide. There will be more cross-border transactions and have international laws governing this business would be timely.

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Forex Trading - How to Select the Best Forex Broker

Most novice Forex trading amateurs are often perplexed about which trading broker to leverage. There are few things to be considered before you invest your money and trust with a broker. Here are the top 10 aspects of evaluating before zeroing on a Forex trading broker.

Reviews and general opinions about a broker site are crucial. If you are not sure about what other consumers feel about this site, you can check out the scores of consumer reviews online. If the general consensus about the Forex trading site is good then go for it.

Customer service and protection policies are also important. Does the broker follow regulations stipulated as per Forex trading laws? What registrations does this company possess in terms of regulations and what level of consumer protection does it offer? Do they ensure client funds increase of frauds or bankruptcies?

The method of implementing Forex trading transactions is also important. Are they desk-oriented, no-dealing brokers, ECNs or market makers? How fast can they execute an order? Do they execute such orders manually or automatically? How much trade size do you need a minimum before quote requests? Are all the trade transactions of clients offset?

The overall spread of the potential broker is also crucial. The tighter the spread the more chances of volatility in capital. Do they have a variable or fixed type of spread? You can understand the interaction between slippage and spread through a reputed Forex training program.

Forex Trading - How to Select the Best Forex Broker

The amount of slippage to be expected will play a role in your profits at Forex trading. Hence, you need to know the amount of slippage expected in both fast and normal paced markets.

Aspects Such As Margin Requirements Are Also Important.

In addition, you should also know if this requirement changes according to certain days in the week as well as currency pairings. Points of time when margin calls are made by the broker and whether it applies to both mini and standard accounts will also be important.

The rate of commission will determine the extent of profits you make. Most Forex trading brokers incorporate this inside the spread. Their blog: http://www.ctrader.com.au

Rollover policies of the broker are also essential to know. Do you have to have a minimum margin requirement to get rollover interest? What are swap rates prevalent for currency pairings in both long and short? Do any other conditions apply for getting rollover interest?

The kind of Forex trading platform used will also play a role. Is it functional and intuitive? Does it have disconnections at the time of trading? During news announcements and fast paced market conditions, does the platform remain stable? How many pairs of currencies is it possible to trade with this platform? Is there an API for automation of the Forex trading process?

Trading account specifics like minimum balance needed, trade size required and if interest is earned on unused balances etc. all are important factors for evaluation. Find the latest info on Forex trading…

No matter which broker you decide to go for, you ultimately need access to reputed Forex training courses to help you with the workings of the system.

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forex trading strategies

If you want to succeed in your Forex trading, you must learn to analyze the market and its trends. Fundamental analysis and technical analysis are the two common types. Today, though, we will focus on fundamental analysis and how it is used in the Forex market.

Both political and economic changes can affect the market and currency prices. Fundamental analysis reads these changes and foresees how they will cause the Forex market to rise and fall. It gathers information from economic policies, inflation, news reports, and growth statistics and uses it to form a highly educated guess of the future.

Though fundamental analysis cannot precisely predict the future, it can be employed by traders to comprehend a picture of the changes and fluctuations in currency prices. Technical analysis is more commonly used for specific planning and you actual buying and selling decisions. But fundamental analysis is crucial in gaining an understanding of the market and informing your decisions.

The thing that affects currency prices in the Forex market is the element of supply and demand. And, of course, supply and demand are shaped by economic atmospheres. A couple things that have an effect on the economic condition are the strength of the economy and interest rates. GDP, the Gross Domestic Product, is the thing that affects the strength of an economy. For more information and tips about fundamental analysis…

One thing that is helpful to fundamental analysis is that indicators are given by the government and academic sources about the state of the economy. These indicators are relied upon by many investors and are trustworthy. They are released sometimes weekly and other times monthly.

forex trading strategies

There are many things that are examined in fundamental analysis besides interest rates and the economy. The Producer Price Index (PPI), Consumer Price Index (CPI), the Purchasing Managers Index (PMI), and retail sales are all factors that must be included.

But as for interest rates, they can have a great effect on the price of a currency. It can either be negative or positive.

Analyzing what the effects of these many elements will have on the Forex market is quite complex, but through fundamental analysis, it can be greatly beneficial to your trading.

Now, I think some time should be spent on international trade. When the international trade balance is the deficit, which means that there are more imports than exports, this is definitely not a good indicator. Deficit trade balances result in a devaluation of the currency. However, the market expectations can determine if a deficit trade balance will turn out to be disadvantaging or not. It will have already been planned into the currency prices if a country has a continual deficit trade balance. Study more: https://www.authenticfx.com/the-10-best-forex-strategies.html

Another indicator is the CPI, or Consumer Product Index. It is the way to measure the cost of living. The PPI, or Producer Price Index, measures the price of the production of goods. The GDP, or Gross Domestic Product, measures the cost and value of all goods and jobs in the country. One great indicator is the M2 Money Supply, which gives the total amount of currency.

There are 28 indicators used in the United States to help you with your analysis of the Forex market and to help you form better judgments of market conditions. If you have a thorough understanding of an overview of the market, you will trade better and make great financial profit.

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Forex Trading Basics - Learn The Basics And Boost Your Profits

You don’t have to be a Forex trading expert to successfully trade Forex. Learning the basics can start you on your way to profitable Forex trading. Forex trading has been a common practice used by traders on Wall Street and around the world to supplement their income or a full-time income. Foreign currency trade generates capital flow due to trade in goods, services, commodities and investments.

Much of the demand in Forex is also from speculative trading. Various factors such as weather, national and international and economic policies affect the trade imbalances. Speculators monitoring these policy changes and weather conditions predict the price of foreign currency in the future and engage in speculative trading. It has been estimated that nearly $3 trillion or more is exchanged in all currencies on any given trading day the per transaction amount can be as high as $10 million. Larger deals are also frequently done. The path to learning and leveraging Forex trading techniques has a well-defined beginning but is long and continuous process.


Forex trading usually can be done as a spot or forward delivery. On average actual currencies are exchanged in two business days for spot trading. In contrast, forward transactions involve a delivery date in the future, sometimes from a month to a year in the future or more. Since forward transactions involve dealing with contracts in the future typically banks provide protection on the value of the projected flows of foreign currency by preventing exchange rate instability. Check out for more ideas & info…

Forex Trading Basics - Learn The Basics And Boost Your Profits

One of the important distinguishing features between regular stock or commodity trading and Forex trading is that monetary markets do not have a physical location. NASDAQ which is a premier national stock exchange in the US operates without a trading floor or a physical location. All trades on the NASDAQ are carried out “virtually”, electronically using computer networks. Much like the NASDAQ, foreign exchange transactions are not executed across trading floors. Forex trading is carried out through computer networks and over the phone across countries by Forex traders.

The major players in the Forex market are typically global conglomerates that need foreign currency for their international trade and investment deals. Companies like Temasek Holdings, Dubai Investment Group, KOHLBERG KRAVIS ROBERTS & CO etc., international banks and brokers are some examples of the major participants in Forex markets.


Finally, in conclusion, one must realize that the foreign exchange market is not just influenced by actual economic factors but the foreign exchange markets unpredictability can, in turn, affect the same economic variables.

Even minor fluctuations in the currency value of a country can have deep effects on the nation’s commerce and general financial health. A drop in the currency value puts a considerable stress on a nation’s domestic inflation as imports cost more which in turn increases the manufacturing cost of goods produced locally. Weaker exchange rates mean purchasing foreign currency is more expensive. Find out more: http://www.actionforex.com/articles-library/beginners-tutorials/

A stronger currency means imports are cheaper and so the domestic inflation rate is lower. Stronger currency rates mean purchasing foreign currency in exchange for local currency is cheap. Becoming knowledgeable of a currencies fundamentals can help both fundamental and technical traders to profit.

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Forex Trading -Advantages That Can Make You Money

Forex trading has several benefits as compared to futures or stocks. You might not realize that foreign currency exchange is possibly the largest market in the world. It is an incredible 46 times as large as all the other types of futures markets. We’re talking US $1.5 trillion! And this trading exists in a free marketplace. There is such a huge volume of Forex trading globally that governments are often not able to have complete control over the value of their own currency.

Forex has low margins! 

As a Forex trader, you will control great amounts of currency with the ease of only having to come up with a small amount of margin. This may seem like futures and stock speculation but Forex has much lower margins than these. For example, trading futures may require you to outlay close to 5% of the full value of the holding, or even 50% of your stock’s total value. But with Forex, you find merely a 1% margin requirement. This means you only need $1000 in order to trade $100,000.

So, you can trade with five times the value of product as you could as a futures trader. And compared to a stock trader, your trading ability is 50 times more than theirs. Forex trading can be a very good way to quickly build your investment strategy and see profit. However, as with any investment plan, you need to be certain that you are aware of the risks involved. You must know how your margin account operates. Carefully read the margin agreement that you have between you and your clearing firm. Clarify anything you do not fully understand with your account representative. This will help ensure your success with Forex.

It is also advisable to keep a close eye on your margin balance regularly and use stop-loss orders on all of your open positions. Make sure you minimize any downside risk. You might experience situations when your account is partly or totally liquidated when an available margin is below a pre-set limit. Although you would most likely receive a call before this happens, don’t always count on that. Monitor your account on a regular basis.

Forex Trading -Advantages That Can Make You Money

Forex has no exchange fees or commission! 

Futures trading always brings with it brokerage and exchange fees. You won’t have this headache with Forex it is completely commission free. Currency trading is a global inter-bank market. You are instantly connected with sellers world-wide, which is a great advantage for you. Here’s an illustration. If you were trading a Japanese Yen/US Dollar pair, Forex would provide you with a 3-point spread which is worth $30. If you were trading futures you would have a 1-point spread ($10) and in addition to this lower spread, you would pay a commission to your broker. This fee can range anywhere from $10 to $50. The $10 fee would be for self-directed trading online. The $50 fee would constitute full-service trading. Also, consider that it is all inclusive pricing. It’s smart to compare online Forex charges and your particular futures commission in order to find the best deal. Just remember that with Forex you typically pay no fees for a broker to find a seller for you. You work directly with your seller in Forex trading.

Forex markets are round-the-clock! 

Instead of the limitations of a few normal business hours per day, you have access to Forex trading 24/5. You have the flexibility of taking action around the clock. For instance, if a major downturn in the market happens at outside of typical business hours, you can protect your investment and get out of a losing deal right away. There is no need to wait until the opening of the next business day. You have the safety and convenience of trading at any time five days per week, Monday through Friday. That means if it’s midnight at home in Chicago you can still trade with Tokyo or Sydney or London.

Forex gives you guaranteed stops and reduced risk! 

It’s a fact that with futures trading the risk there is risk without end. Let’s look at the following scenario. After careful analysis of the situation, you are certain that prices for live cattle will continue to move steadily upward. This happened in 2003, but unfortunately, mad cow disease was discovered. You know the rest. Cattle prices plummeted. In trading futures, you would have been stuck and encountered quite a loss as a result of this unforeseen market downturn. Your investment profits would keep diving. Forex provides a greater safety net for your important resources. Browse more: www.northhollywoodfcu.org

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